11-06-16 - Aveo testdrive before STCC City Race

The STCC City Race on Saturday is the highlight of the season with its two races on a short and twisty circuit just outside the city centre of Gothenburg. Rickard Rydell comes to Sweden’s second largest city from a testdrive of the new Chevrolet Aveo in Switzerland.

Rickard Rydell’s collaboration with Chevrolet Sweden stretches outside the STCC and a few days before the STCC City Race, the racing driver was present when Swedish journalists tested the new Chevorlet Aveo in Zurich.
”The new Aveo is a great car and it was fun to drive it on the Swiss roads. However, for this weekend’s races I prefer my STCC Cruze”, said Rickard Rydell smiling.
The circuit is located on a pier just outside the city center of Gothenburg and is known for its unforgiving barriers.
”I like street circuits as there is no room for mistakes, Qualifying will be as important as ever, and passing is quite difficulton this track. Races like this puts more preassure on the drivers and the team bosses seems to be more nervous as well …”
”I have only driven on this circuit with a road car but we have some test sessions on Friday so I think we will be prepared for Saturday’s qualifying and races.”