11-06-18 - Race win and championship lead!

With a win and a fifth place in Gothenburg Rickard Rydell now leads the STCC. The race win was not only his first victory of 2011, but also the first ever for Chevrolet Motorsport Sweden.

In the STCC City Race Rickard Rydell at last got his first win in this year’s STCC, and his second in the championship having won in a one-off apperance with Seat in 2004. The Chevrolet driver started race 1 from pole position an led the from lights to flag. Fredrik Ekblom was second.
”To win in Gothenburg is something special. It was a victory for the whole team and it has been some hard work for Chevrolet Motorsport Sweden, especially because we expanded to a two car team over the winter. I am really proud and happy and hope this is the first of many wins”, said Rickard Rydell.
”This time I had the margins on my side in qualifying, taking pole in yet another close session. I was a bit defensive in the first corners but then tried to build up a gap on lap one. In touched the barriers in turn three or four but I was a bit lucky as nothing happened. Then I drove as fast as the the tires permitted.”
The rain arrived before the second race and on a wet track Rydell hoped to gain some places from eight on the reversed grid. He managed a few overtaking manouvres and crossed the line in fifth place.
”It took some time before I could pass James Thompson but after that I was fast and could catch Tommy Rustad. Unfortunately I did not get the chace to pass, but I am really pleased with the whole weekend.”
Rickard Rydell now leads the STCC having scored 102 points so far. Fredrik Ekblom is second (100) and Tommy Rustad third (90).

STCC Gothenburg
Race 1

1) Rickard Rydell, Chevrolet Motorsport Sweden, Chevrolet Cruze, 24 laps
2) Fredrik Ekblom, Team Biogas, VW Scirocco, +0.985 seconds
3) James Thompson, Polestar Racing, Volvo C30, +3.964
4) Tomas Engström, Seco Racing, Honda Accord, +5.046
5) Johan Stureson, IPS Motorsport, BMW 320si, +5.873
6) Viktor Hallrup, Chevrolet Motorsport Sweden, Chevrolet Cruze, +14.220
7) Tommy Rustad Polestar Racing, Volvo C30, +14.727
8) Richard Göransson, WestCoast Racing, BMW 320si, +15.761
9) Roger Eriksson, Brovallen Design, Seat Leon, +16.498
10) Jan Nilsson, Flash Engineering, BMW 320si, +16.968
11) Colin Turkington, Flash Engineering, BMW 320si, +18.258
12) Mattias Andersson, MA:GP, Alfa Romeo 156, +21.462
13) Martin Öhlin, WestCoast Racing, BMW 320si, +21.832
14) Patrik Olsson, Team Biogas, VW Scirocco, +24.255
15) Tobias Johansson, Brovallen Design, Seat Leon, +33.498
16) Andreas Ebbesson, Ebbesson Motorsport, BMW 320si, +34.019
17) Alexander Graff, Team Biogas, VW Scirocco, +35.039
18) Joakim Ahlberg, BMS Event, BMW 320i, +2 laps

Race 2
1) Richard Göransson, 24 laps
2) Tomas Engström, +0.387 seconds
3) Fredrik Ekblom, +4.827
4) Tommy Rustad, +6.803
5) Rickard Rydell, +7.506
6) James Thompson, +13.988
7) Patrik Olsson, +24.155
8) Jan Nilsson, +32.018
9) Roger Eriksson, +32.431
10) Colin Turkington, +34.702
11) Johan Stureson, +35.186
12) Mattias Andersson, +36.331
13) Martin Öhlin, +37.197
14) Joakim Ahlberg, +44,317
15) Andreas Ebbesson, +46.899
16) Alexander Graff, +49.398
17) Tobias Johansson, +52.512