12-01-27 - Rydell confirmed STCC champion

Rickard Rydell is confirmed 2011 STCC champion after a protest from Team Biogas and Thed Björk was rejected by the Swedish Automobile Sports Federations Legal Committee.

After the STCC final at Mantorp Team Biogas (Volkswagen) and its driver Thed Björk filed a protest against Rickard Rydell for overtaking Björk under a yellow flag. The case has been moved for times between the two juridical committees of the Swedish Automobile Sports Federation (SBF).
Today – four months after the race – the decision of the federations final court of appeal, the Legal Committee, rejected the protest of Björk and Rydell is once again confirmed as STCC champion.
”The Stewards of the meeting at Mantorp and the Legal Committee have decided that my pass on Thed Björk should not be punished. I can now look forward to an exciting season and I will do my best to defend the STCC crown in 2012,” said Rickard Rydell.