12-05-04 - Rydell second and third in Mantorp qualifying

Reigning STCC Champion Rickard Rydell was second and third in the two qualifying sessions at Mantorp Park. The Chevrolet driver was fast but could not match the VWs that flew to two pole positions.

As expected it was close in the STCC qualifying at Mantorp Park. Reigning STCC champion Rickard Rydell, Chevrolet Motorsport Sweden, was second fastest in Q1 and third in Q2. That means he will start from second and third in tomorrow’s races. Johan Kristoffersson claimed pole for race one and Johan Stureson for race two.
”I’m quite pleased with second and third, but I had hoped to beat Volkswagen today. Last year the Chevy Cruze had great race pace and I hope it will be the same in 2012. We’ll see, it will be two exciting races tomorrow!” said Rickard Rydell.

STCC qualifying Mantorp Park

1) Johan Kristoffersson, VW Scirocco, 1:20.575
2) Rickard Rydell, Chevrolet Cruze, +0.199 seconds
3) Johan Stureson, VW Scirocco, +0.323
4) Tomas Engström, Honda Civic, +0.346
5) Patrik Olsson, VW Scirocco, +0.367
6) Jordi Gené, VW Scirocco, +0.680
7) Michel Nykjær, Chevrolet Cruze, +0.798
8) Santosh Berggren, Seat Leon, +1.601
9) Robin Appelqvist, Seat Leon, +2.161
10) Niclas Olsson, Seat Leon, +2.176
11) Claes Hoffsten, Alfa Romeo 156, +2.856
12) Joakim Ahlberg, Audi A4, +2.998
13) Andreas Ahlberg, Audi A4, +3.395
14) André Andersson, Opel Astra, +5.559

1) Johan Stureson, VW Scirocco, 1:20.386
2) Johan Kristoffersson, VW Scirocco, +0.027 seconds
3) Rickard Rydell, Chevrolet Cruze, +0.349
4) Michel Nykjær, Chevrolet Cruze, +0.430
5) Patrik Olsson, VW Scirocco, +0.549
6) Tomas Engström, Honda Civic, +0.620
7) Jordi Gené, VW Scirocco, +0.621
8) Santosh Berggren, Seat Leon, +2.185