12-05-19 - Rydell wins at Kntustorp!

Rickard Rydell claimed his first race win of 2012 at Ring Kntustorp. The Chevrolet driver followed up his victory with second place in race two, behind teammate Michel Nykjaer. Rydell is still second in the championship, but has only four points less than leader Johan Kristoffersson.

After two second places at the premiere at Mantorp Park, Rickard Rydell was determined to win at Ring Knutstorp. The Chevrolet driver led race one from lights to flag scoring his first victory this season.
”Great to win here at Knutstorp. This circuit suited us better than Mantorp but it wasn’t easy – I had to push hard. I was a bit lucky that Johan Kristoffersson was defending his position to Tomas Engström. Their fight made my race easier and I could be careful and not overheat my tyres”, said Rickard Rydell.
Rydell started race two from second place, just behind teammate Michel Nykjaer. They held their positions during all 20 laps, scoring Chevrolet’s first 1-2 in the STCC.
”I was fast in the beginning of the race and pushed Michel and was ready to pass him if he would make a mistake. Instead he drove a perfect race and I didn’t gamble on an overtaking maneuver as it’s not worth taking the risk with a teammate. Second place gave me many points for the championship and it’s good to have taken ten points off Kristoffersson’s lead.”
Rydell is still second in the championship to Johan Kristoffersson, second and third at Knutstorp, trailing the VW driver by just four points.
The STCC returns at Sturp Raceway in four weeks time.

STCC Knutstorp
Race 1

1) Rickard Rydell, Chevrolet Cruze, 20 laps
2) Johan Kristoffersson, VW Scirocco, +0.726 seconds
3) Tomas Engström, Honda Civic, +1.338
4) Patrik Olsson, VW Scirocco, +1.753
5) Johan Stureson, VW Scirocco, +4.105
6) Jordi Gené, VW Scirocco, +8.269
7) Santosh Berggren, Seat Leon, +18.530
8) Robin Appelqvist, Seat Leon, +22.848
9) Niclas Olsson, Seat Leon, +23.881
10) Andreas Ahlberg, Audi A4, +26.821

Race 2
1) Michel Nykjaer, Chevrolet Cruze, 20 laps
2) Rickard Rydell, Chevrolet Cruze, +0.376 seconds
3) Johan Kristoffersson, VW Scirocco, +2.222
4) Tomas Engström, Honda Civic, +6.361
5) Johan Stureson, VW Scirocco, +7.151
6) Patrik Olsson, VW Scirocco, +7.245
7) Jordi Gené, VW Scirocco, +12.384
8) Santosh Berggren, Seat Leon, +21.563
9) Niclas Olsson, Seat Leon, +22.097
10) Tony Johansson, Mercedes C200, +33.813
11) Andreas Ahlberg, Audi A4, +34.644
12) Joakim Ahlberg, Audi A4, -1 varv