12-06-17 - Rydell third at Sturup

Rickard Rydell managed to gain two places in both STCC races at Sturup Raceway after a difficult qualifying and finished in fifth and thrid place. Tomas Engström won race one and Michel Nykjaer race two.

Starting from seventh and fifth on the grid in the STCC races at Sturup Raceway, Rickard Rydell knew he had a difficult Saturday afternoon ahead of him. The Chevrolet driver made two good starts and passed two cars in both races gaining important places and scoring valuable points. Rydell finished fifth in race one and third in race two. Tomas Engström, Honda, and Michel Nykjaer, won the races from pole position.
”The starts were really good and the key to the results. We have to be pleased with a podium after a difficult qualifying”, said Rickard Rydell.
”In the championship lost one point to Johan Kristoffersson who now leads me by five points, and Tomas Engström and Michel Nykjaer will also be there in the fight.”
After another strong weekend from Nykjaer and Rydell, Chevrolet Motorsport Sweden now leads the Teams’ Championship.
The STCC is back in three weeks time at Mantorp Park.

Resultat STCC Sturup
Race 1

1) Tomas Engström, Honda Civic, 19 laps
2) Johan Stureson, VW Scirocco, +0.481 seconds
3) Patrik Olsson, VW Scirocco, +1.620
4) Michel Nykjaer, Chevrolet Cruze, +3.043
5) Rickard Rydell, Chevrolet Cruze, +5.815
6) Johan Kristoffersson, VW Scirocco, +8.798
7) Jordi Gené, VW Scirocco, +11.262
8) Niclas Olsson, Seat Leon, +11.559
9) Andreas Ahlberg, Audi A4, +32.077
10) Santosh Berggren, Seat Leon, +32.287

Race 2
1) Michel Nykjaer, Chevrolet Cruze, 19 laps
2) Johan Kristoffersson, VW Scirocco, +0.950
3) Rickard Rydell, Chevrolet Cruze, +3.024
4) Patrik Olsson, VW Scirocco, +3.491
5) Tomas Engström, Honda Civic, +7.317
6) Jordi Gené, VW Scirocco, +7.760
7) Niclas Olsson, Seat Leon, +8.178
8) Andreas Ahlberg, Audi A4, +27.863
9) André Andersson, BMW 320i, +34.422
10) Joakim Ahlberg, Audi A4, +1 lap

Drivers’ Championship
1) Johan Kristoffersson, 109 points
2) Rickard Rydell, 104
3) Michel Nykjaer, 82
4) Johan Stureson, 68
5) Patrik Olsson, 67
6) Tomas Engström, 62
7) Jordi Gené, 48
8) Niclas Olsson, 24
9) Santosh Berggren, 17
10) Andreas Ahlberg, 9

Teams’ Championship
1) Chevrolet Motorsport Sweden, 186
2) Volkswagen Team Biogas, 157
3) IPS Team Biogas, 141
4) Honda Racing Sweden, 62
5) Seat Sport Sverige, 36