12-07-07 - Rydell second and third at Mantorp

Rickard Rydell holds second place in the championship as STCC has reached halftime. In this weekend’s races at Mantorp Park the Chevrolet driver secured important points as he finsished second and third place. Championship leader Johan Kristoffersson won race one and Rydell’s teammate Michel Nykjaer claimed victory in race two.

STCC made its second visit to Mantorp Park this season and Rickard Rydell secured two podium finishes. The Chevrolet driver held the lead in race one for many laps but had to settle for second place. Rydell had a close fight with Tomas Engström which ment that Johan Kristoffersson could pass them both. In the second race, won by Rydell’s teammate Michel Nykjaer, the reigning champion finished in third place.
”Normally I would be satisfied with two podium finishes, however today I would have liked to win race one. Johan Kristoffersson was given the chance to win as I hade a bit to close fight with Tomas Engström. In race two Engström overtook me early and third place was the best result I could manage”, said Rickard Rydell.
”Michel and I scored many points for Chevrolet in the teams’ championship with first, second, third and fourth in the two races.”
Mantorp Park marked halftime in the 2012 STCC season. Rydell is second in the championship, nine points behind Johan Kristoffersson.
”The STCC is so competive this season. Last year we had a season long fight with Volkswagen and now it’s the same all over. Johan Kristoffersson is very fast, just like my teammate Michel Nykjaer and Tomas Engström in the Honda.
The STCC will be back in five weeks time at a new venue, the airport in Östersund.
”It will be very exciting to race at the airport in Östersund. I was there recently and I believe the racing will be good. One of the straights will be 22 meters wide.

Race 1 - top 10
1) Johan Kristoffersson, VW Scirocco, 15 laps
2) Rickard Rydell, Chevrolet Cruze, +2.769 seconds
3) Tomas Engström, Honda Civic, +3.538
4) Michel Nykjaer, Chevrolet Cruze, +4.240
5) Johan Stureson, VW Scirocco, +4.904
6) Patrik Olsson, VW Scirocco, +5.376
7) Jordi Gené, VW Scirocco, +5.970
8) Andreas Ahlberg, Audi A4, +28.821
9) Joakim Ahlberg, Audi A4, +34.921
10) André Andersson, BMW 320i, +35.209

Race 2 - top 10
1) Michel Nykjaer, Chevrolet Cruze, 15 laps
2) Tomas Engström, Honda Civic, +1.305 seconds
3) Rickard Rydell, Chevrolet Cruze, +4.630
4) Johan Kristoffersson, VW Scirocco, +5.186
5) Patrik Olsson, VW Scirocco, +9.466
6) Johan Stureson, VW Scirocco, +9.866
7) Jordi Gené, VW Scirocco, +10.265
8) Santosh Berggren, Seat Leon, +23.832
9) Robin Appelqvist, Seat Leon, +24.145
10) Niclas Olsson, Seat Leon, +24.255

Drivers’ Championship
1) Johan Kristoffersson, 146 points
2) Rickard Rydell, 137
3) Michel Nykjaer, 119
4) Tomas Engström, 95
5) Johan Stureson, 86
6) Patrik Olsson, 85
7) Jordi Gené, 60
8) Niclas Olsson, 25
9) Santosh Berggren, 21
10) Andreas Ahlberg, 13

Teams’ Champoinship
1) Chevrolet Motorsport Sweden, 256 points
2) Volkswagen Team Biogas, 206
3) IPS Team Biogas, 177
4) Honda Racing Sweden, 95
5) Seat Sport Sverige, 46