12-08-11 - Rydell third and fourth in Östersund

Rickard Rydell claimed third and fourth places in front of a huge crowd in Östersund. The Chevrolet driver is now one point closer to championship rival Johan Kristoffersson, but Tomas Engström is closing in from behind with two wins this weekend.

It was a huge crowd at the first STCC Airport Race in Östersund and they all got to see some real action on the temporary airfield circuit.
”My impressions of Östersund were fantastic, this weekend has been a great success! It was crowded on the stands and for many of the spectators this was a first visit to motor racing. For me this was a 600 km journey north, but one man I talked to had travelled 690 km south to see the STCC races”, said Rickard Rydell. Rydell was third in race one and fourth in race two, just enough to reduce Johan Kristoffersson’s championship lead to eight points. Tomas Engström won both races and is now a serious title contender.
”The races were quite difficult for me. Johan Stureson hit me from behind in the first corner in race one and I was suddenly down to sixth. Soon after I passed Jordi Gené and later I managed to pass both Stureson and Patrik Olsson to take third place. A podium finish felt good after a disappionting first lap.”
”In race two I held the lead for a few meters on the second lap before Johan Kristoffersson hit me and again I lost some places. When Kristoffersson later came out from the penalty track, I dived on the inside of him after the long straight, claiming fourth place, and my teammate Michel Nykjaer could also pass the Scirocco. The weekend was alright for us in the end – and the spectators got to see some great racing!”

Results STCC Östersund
Race 1

1) Tomas Engström, Honda Civic, 22 laps
2) Johan Kristoffersson, VW Scirocco, +1.275 seconds
3) Rickard Rydell, Chevrolet Cruze, +2.327
4) Jordi Gené, VW Scirocco, +3.869
5) Michel Nykjaer, Chevrolet Cruze, +5.217
6) Joakim Ahlberg, Audi A4, +31.789
7) Andreas Ahlberg, Audi A4, +32.523
8) André Andersson, BMW 320i, +32.829
9) Tony Johansson, Mercedes C200, +38.833

Race 2
1) Tomas Engström, Honda Civic, 22 laps
2) Jordi Gené, VW Scirocco, +1.130
3) Johan Stureson, VW Scirocco, +3.102
4) Rickard Rydell, Chevrolet Cruze, +3.931
5) Michel Nykjaer, Chevrolet Cruze, +4.863
6) Johan Kristoffersson, VW Scirocco, +7.365
7) Patrik Olsson, VW Scirocco, +12.771
8) Robin Appelqvist, Seat Leon, +22.969
9) Niclas Olsson, Seat Leon, +32.278
10) Andreas Ahlberg, Audi A4, +45.647

Drivers’ championship
1) Johan Kristoffersson, 172 points
2) Rickard Rydell, 164
3) Tomas Engström, 145
4) Michel Nykjaer, 139
5) Johan Stureson, 101
6) Patrik Olsson, 91
7) Jordi Gené, 90
8) Niclas Olsson, 27
9) Santosh Berggren, 21
10) Andreas Ahlberg, 20

Teams’ championship
1) Chevrolet Motorsport Sweden, 303 points
2) Volkswagen Team Biogas, 262
3) IPS Team Biogas, 198
4) Honda Racing Sweden, 145
5) Seat Sport Sverige, 50