Together with the magazine ”Bilsport”, Rickard Rydell is each year handing out the ”Rydell Special Award” at Bilsportgalan. The ambition is to help a young Swedish talent in motor racing to an international career in single seater racing.


Rydell Special Award  (all the winners):

2019 Dino Beganovic  
2018 Simon Ohlin  
2017 Hampus Ericsson  
2016 Linus Lundqvist
2015 Oliver Söderström  
2014 Joel Eriksson
2013 Erik Johansson
2012 Gustav Malja
2011 Gustav Malja
2010 Daniel Roos  
2009 Felix Rosenqvist
2008 Felix Rosenqvist
2007 Marcus Ericsson
2006 Alexander Haegermark  
2005 Daniel Roos  
2004 Sebastian Hohenthal  
2003 Sebastian Hohenthal  
2002 Niklas Petersson  
2001 Alexander Storckenfeldt  
2000 Alx Danielsson  
1999 Robin Rudholm